Blogengine Menu Usercontrol

I have created a Menu Usercontrol for

The control generates a UL menu, wich is CSS compatible and which you can find stylesheets to everywhere.

It also have sorting variables so that the page can be sorted in different ways (since that is not standard in blogengine)

For custom sorting, the keywords field can be used by putting 1, 2, 3 etc as a keyword depending on how you want the pages sorted

The menu is also put in a sessionvariable the first time, which will speed up subsequent loadings of the page. The refreshtime can also be set in the webcontrol. 

This is how it looks when used 


This is a sample on how it looks in Visual Studio





And the variables

The code is very straightforward, and instructions are included in the top of the .ascx file

Here’s a .zip of the control. Enjoy! 


Latest version Jan 04, 2010 (Thanks to Gavin Lyons)

2009-12-29  Added Categories, Home Link – Gavin Lyons / (6,66 kb)


 – jonah 





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